Monday, February 22, 2010

Deadbeat Mom

So I am a deadbeat mom. These kids are stinkin' funny and I'm not recording it well enough! grrrrr I am terrible at staying consistent with keeping up with online ramblings, but like I taught my class today, you aren't a failure until you quit. So here we go again. Aidan is 3. Morgan is 2. Their birthday's were fun this year because they are starting to have memories and putting things together. Aidan asked several times after Morgan's birthday if she was going to be bigger than him because now she's 2. How did that happen? Here are some of the highlights as of late.. Aidan
* Knows all his ABC sounds and can recognize capital letters (brilliant)
* Has started loving swords and bad guys and fighting (but he also is obsessed with Straw-ba-ba-ba-berry Shortcake!)
* The "Terrible Threes" are here complete with the impish grin, sneaky moves, and jokes that just aren't funny. (Good thing you are so darn cute!)
* Imagination is a wonderful thing. I just love to listen to Aidan pretend with his pirates or airplanes or trains. Some of it imitates real life, some of it is entirely fantasy - all of it makes me smile and wish that I could somehow record everything so I can just lay back one day and remember it all.

* This girl can talk up a storm. She has the cutest little voice and expressions that go right with them. She is a heartbreaker this one!
* When she really means something she'll throw in the sign language words that we used when she was under 1. You should hear the "I'm forry" with the hand circling the heart and the lip out.
* Morgan loves being a girly girl - "pretties", jewelry, any heels (and she walks WELL in them) She has started picking her own clothes saying "princess clothes" and then giving a funny little laugh.
* I am a fan of Morgan's lisp. My favorite words are "Pwin'thess" and "de wish shish" The little tongue sticks out and it's priceless.

Some funny things we've heard around here....

"When I get to be a big big boy like daddy then I can sleep with no pants on. Cause' I'm a good boy." Aidan (Feb, 2010)

" Mama, your baby is crying." While I was sitting in the living room watching Morgan pitch a fit about going to bed. So cute.


Lora said...

Kat I had to look twice when my blog updated your name on my blog list! You're blogging again HORRAY!! It's so great reading about the kids! face book is good and all but just not the same! Love you!

Kenny and Kelli Ray said...

So happy to see a post from you. HORRAY!

Mike said...

I had to do a double take too! Your kids are far too cute to not share with the rest of us!!

Intrepid Flame said...

Just stay slow and steady and consistent. You will be surprised what an amazing resource this will be for you. It is a great way to look back and remember this period in their lives.